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Massage Therapy
Single Treatments:

15 Minute Massage = $25

30 Minute Massage = $60

60 Minute Massage = $90

90 Minute Massage = $130

*Therapeutic Massage
*Trigger Point Therapy

Packages: (Buy 4 and get your 5th FREE)

15 Minute Massages
5 Massages…$100.00

30 Minute Massages

5 Massages…$240.00

60 Minute Massages
5 Massages…$360.00

90 Minute Massages
5 Massages…$520.00

*Discount offered to all practice members!

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Neck Pain, Headaches;
Upper Back or Shoulder Issues;
Back, Hip or Leg Pain?

We can help!

Quality & Affordable Care for patients with insurance or self-pay

We offer treatment plans and payment options for those with high deductible plans or no insurance at all

Patient Information
Terms of Acceptance

Auto Accident Victims
Florida law now requires that accident victims seek treatment within fourteen days after their accident or lose their right to collect pip benefits. Click Here for more facts.

Functional Testing Provided:
Complete Bloodwork Panels
Saliva & Dutch Testing for Hormones
Microbiome Testing for Gut Issues

Standard Process is
sold in our office.