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Lifestyle Lecture Series
Nutrition & Weight Loss
Learn how to look and feel your best from the inside out! Our standard diet plays a major role in the underdevelopment of health. Here you will learn how to avoid the nutritional elements that create disease, how to eat for maximum energy, the types of foods that cause stress and mental dysfunction and gradual weight loss made easy.
    ***You will also have the oppurtunity to go shopping with our health expert to learn how to shop, read labels and what to buy.

Accelerated Weight Loss & Cleansing
Toxins in the body from commercially grown vegetables, fast foods, breathing dirty air, drinking unpurified water, and loss of natural hormones contributes to weight gain, premature aging and nearly doubles every age-related health problem. Over eating and consumption of the wrong types of food also contribute to weight gain and obesity. In this seminar you will learn how to lose inches and body fat while releasing unwanted toxins from your body and restoring health.

Optimum Nutrition For Kids

Everything your children put into their bodies will play a role in both their present and future health and development. A child’s diet plays a strong role in infections, allergies, colds, asthma and learning disabilities. Here you will learn to make better food choices for your children and learn how to get them to eat this way.

The Effects of Stress
In this seminar you will learn the causes of stress; how the body reacts to stress; and the 5 solutions on how to reduce stress in your life.  These tools will help you to prevent adrenal exhaustion, disease, improve energy, enhance your mood and to look & feel your very best from the inside-out.

Get Fit and Stay Fit
This program covers proper exercise habits and techniques that everyone from novice to advanced must learn. Also covered will be exercises and stretches that that are vital in order to compensate for today’s lifestyles. For people who are in the process of correcting their spine and nerve system, you will receive specific exercises that will help facilitate that process.

Women's Health & Hormones
This seminar is to provide you with true facts and help you make an informed decision on the various natural ways to help with PMS and menopause, along with the risks of Hormone Replacement Therapies (HRT). You will learn the roles that stress, the nervous system, estrogen, progesterone, blood sugar and the adrenal glands play in your health as well as how to balance your hormones, increase libido and get rid of stubborn belly fat.

Other Topics...
Fibromyalgia, Arthrithis, Learning Disorders & Behavioral Problems, Back Pack Safety, Corporate Wellness/Work Injury Prevention, Trigger Point Therapy and more.
***Please inquire for the full lecture list and to book a seminar for your organization.

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