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Chiropractic Works! - Testimonials
Amanda and Family
My children were 3, 1.5 and 6 months old and always getting sick. We had spent thousands of dollars in a short time on prescriptions, nebulizers, fever medications and other doctor visits. We were recommended to Dr. Jen and out of “desperation” we tried chiropractic care. (I say desperation because I was skeptical at first.) After just 2 months we had a significant change. No more nebulizers three times a day! Gradually we improved so much that our colds last only 3-4 days now not 2 weeks like before. Our money is spent to keep us healthy now and not to treat bad health. Our family is enjoying a much healthier and happier life!

I started my chiropractic treatments with Dr. Jen early in March of 2009. I had been dealing with an autoimmune disease called Polymyalgia Rheumatica. Along with standard treatments with my Rheumatologist and GP, I gave chiropractic a try. It was my first time. My treatments consisted of 3 weekly back and neck adjustments.

As of July 10, 2009, I am off all medications and steroids. I feel confident that my chiropractic treatments had a huge affect upon my recovery. I immediately found relief in my neck. As my weekly treatments continued I felt so much better because my muscle and join pain diminished quickly.

My recovery and being pain free today has a lot more to do with than just chiropractic treatments. I appreciated Dr. Jen’s more holistic approach toward healing. I have also benefited from massage therapy and a body cleanse after I stopped taking my medications. I lost 15 pounds and my energy level continues to go increase. I believe there is one more component to my healing that I need to share; The healing spirit of Unity Family.

Chiropractic is in all the people who work there. Dr. Jen, Paige, Beth and Debbie always smile, offer encouragement and kindness with every visit I make. The genuine compassion along with their healing skills has brought me back to a level of health I have not experienced for years. I am forever grateful and thankful for the part Unity Family Chiropractic has played in my life.

Prior to becoming a patient with Unity Family Chiropractic, I had symptoms of depression, poor ability to cope with minor stresses, poor sleep, and fatigue.  Over the years I tried working with my Primary MD by using antidepressants.  I attended one of Dr. Jen's workshops on hormone balancing.  I thought ... this is my answer.  I was willing to invest my money in the testing because I wanted to understand what was going on in my body.  My hormonal levels were so unbalanced and my adrenals were in phase 2 adrenal fatigue.  Working with Dr. Jen on getting started on natural supplements, and Dr. Angie on chiropractic care, I am feeling the best I have felt in years.  I have a better understanding of caring for my body.  The staff at Unity are so compassionate, supportive, and knowledgeable.  They will forever be a part of my healthcare team.

Before becoming a patient at Unity, I had lower back pain, mild arthritis pain, bladder issues, daily headaches, and functioning migraines.  Now that I am being treated by Dr. Jen and Dr. Angie, I can actually turn my head without having to turn my whole body to see.  I move around with hardly any pain.  I am still a work in progress.  Chiropractic has made a huge difference in my bladder issues as well.  In addition, my daily headaches have stopped.  I no longer have to work through them as I am not big on taking aspirin, Tylenol or any other kind of pain relievers.  My quality of life is so much better and is on its way up even further!

Maria and Family
My first son was plagued with ear infections beginning at age 4 months. He had surgery twice for tubes in his ears as well as a series of antibiotics. When my second son began having ear infections as well I started seeing Dr. Jen with him. He never had another ear infection.

Now whenever any of the children have colds or other viruses I have them adjusted. My youngest daughter has never had an ear infection. I believe that chiropractic adjustments have helped my children’s body heal themselves naturally without the use of unnecessary antibiotics or invasive surgery. Praise God!

Todd Hendry
I was having severe pain in my low back and numbness in my legs. I tried medications but was still suffering. Since coming here I have been able to move in ways I have not been able to in a year and half. The pain has almost totally disappeared and I am about 80% medication free. My personality has also changed. Because of the pain, I was depressed and angry allot. Now I am a much happier person. Thank you Dr. Jen!!

I had severe allergies – waking up at night; “stopped-up”—not being able to breath through my nose. I tried prescription allergy medications- these made me dizzy even at night in my bed. They didn’t seem to do much good.

Chiropractic care has pretty much alleviated my allergy symptoms. I still get some seasonal stuffiness, but I have not taken any medication for almost 2 years now and both me and my younger brother very rarely get sick. If and when we do, it is usually short lived.

Debbie Hutcherson
I had so many issues: hip pain, a limp, severe pain, headaches, digestion, neck aches and swelling. I tried over the counter drugs, exercise, stretching and rest which didn't work.

With Chiropractic, amazing difference! I am a new person! No limp, no headaches, more energy. Stomach issues have gone away too. I’m losing weight and have a much more positive outlook on life. I also use acupuncture combined with chiropractic treatments for balance and a more peaceful outlook. What a difference!

Debra and Family
Post pregnancy my back was in terrible shape. It was approximately a week of adjustments when life was restored to me. I went from not being able to pick my daughter up out of her crib with horrible lower back pain to a pain free lower back. I am happy to say it is almost 4 years later and I am doing great. My back feels strong and both my daughters see Dr. Jen. Thank you Dr. Jen!

Tammy & Family
My family and I were always getting sick and my back was a mess. With Chiropractic, my back and immune system have made a turn around. We rarely get ill, but if it happens, the recovery time is significantly shortened. I am much healthier at 39 years old than I was at 29. I attribute my children’s good health to lots of exercise, a good diet, juice plus vitamins and Dr. Jen!!!

I’ve gone through 3 pregnancies with chiropractic care and I can say that I never suffer from back pain with any of them. Each of my newborns were treated with in 24 hours of delivery by Dr. Jen and are all still being adjusted to this day.

In my early teens I dealt with neck pain, migraine headaches, TMJ and digestive trouble. I had grown up using the medical approach with my health and never felt well. I had a couple of car accidents but other than that I had never had any major accidents or injuries. My neck was sore so often that it was hard to even hold my head up to read or study. I was tired all of the time and had very low energy. Being introduced to chiropractic care my life changed. I feel better now in my 30’s than I ever had as a teenager and my quality of life has significantly improved. Had I not started getting adjusted I could only imagine a life of pain and suffering like so many people I talk to everyday. Praise God I know better now!

Before I started receiving chiropractic treatment I was always uncomfortable living in my own body. I felt like I was “off balance” and nothing fit together correctly. My head felt like it weighted a ton and my lower back always hurt. I was doing stretches and exercising without realizing that I was doing those things completely wrong. When I had my x-rays and consultation with Dr. Jen, we discovered that I had no curve in my neck as I should and some of my vertebrae were fused together with degeneration. I really didn’t think much could be done for me.

During the first 3 months of treatment I was determined to do everything Dr. Jen suggested to me.  Along with the adjustments, I stretched and did traction a couple of times a day. It was not easy at first but as I progressed I couldn’t believe the difference. After just 3 months I had a significant change in my re-x-rays. My neck started to curve the way it was supposed to and I had more energy and strength than I had in a long time. I love working outdoors doing “back breaking” work and since receiving chiropractic care I am able to do these things without pain. It’s amazing! I am a working mother of two teenagers and now I feel more youthful and actually keep up with my kids!

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